Mnqobi Nyembe

If I were elected mayor: Since there's a skills short- age in our country, I would focus on youth development� ensure quality tertiary education, offer young people opportunities, create a students' fund that allows under- privileged youth to further their studies, but making sure that they earn those means through their academic performance. Mnqobi hails from the village of Dabhazi near Nongoma in KwaZulu-Natal. He is a motivational speaker, an activist, a trainer and a youth leader from the loveLife ranks. Mnqobi learnt survival skills from a young age. There were more than 10 children in his home and his granny's pension didn't go very far. He grew up looking after goats and cows and ploughing fields. Mnqobi says: "I felt very small, but at the same time I felt that I could make my life better one step at a time.� And he certainly has done that. He became a volunteer at loveLife and then a ground- BREAKER at the Mandeni Youth Centre, later joining loveLife as a trainer. He now has his own business, the String of Influence Training Institute. He has worked in the Eastern Cape, contracted by a municipality to assist with youth development, and is now contracted to loveLife, developing its youth development programme, and talks across South Africa motivating people.

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