Molefi Ndlovu

Molefi started out with a qualification in electrical engineering and then constitutional law and African literature. He is a political and environ- mental activist and is currently involved in the Energy Project at the Centre For Civil Society. During his earlier days Molefi became a member of the South African Student Congress and was involved with the Anti-Pri- vatisation Forum. In 2002 he joined Research in Education and Development, working on community workshops and building media capacities for various organisations. During this time he was also a research assistant and studied the changes in tertiary education funding since the advent of democratic transition. In 2005 Molefi was research assistant to a host of interns and students doing research on the com- munity responses to installation of pre-paid water meters. He is also interested in journalism and alternative media and is currently completing a degree in community development, media and comparative literature.

Lunch spot: Manna Restaurant on 40 Marriot Road, Morningside; NSA Gallery in Glenmore