Nazmeera Moola

With a slate of awards to her name, Nazmeera is now head of macro-strategy at Macquarie Bank. She leads economic analysis and is responsible for asset allo- cation and equity sector allocation � distilled into a favoured company list. Nazmeera was previously Merrill Lynch's South African economist and also worked for the bank in London as a global emerging market strategist. She is a trend-setting economist: she has published path-breaking research into the black middle-class, a possible diesel shortage in Gauteng and a detailed report on the state's infrastructure plans. She writes a feisty and pithy weekly column in the Financial Mail that breaks the mould of economic analysis. Her awards include: Reuters Economist of the Year (2005); rated first in South Africa in the 2005 Extel Survey; she has consistently made it to top ranks in the annual Financial Mail analysts survey and is regularly featured in the Mail & Guardian's annual book of women movers as well as the Finacial Mail's Little Black Book.

Lunch spot: Bizerca in Cape Town and Thomas Maxwell in ohannesburg