Neo Muyanga

Composer/musician Neo studied the Italian Madrigal tradition with choral maestro Piero Poclen in Italy and audio engineering at Downtown Studios with Philip Nel. In 1996 Neo formed the acoustic duo, Blk Sonshine, with Masauko Chipembere. After touring South Africa and Swaziland they toured the United States for two years, working the poetry, hip-hop and acoustic folk circuits of Los Angeles and New York. In 2002 Neo released his solo album, The Listening Room. In 2003 he created the music for the acclaimed documentary Cosmic Africa and in 2004 he composed a s'cathamiya voice ensemble work for the play The Fireraisers, directed by Mark Fleishman. In 2005 Neo composed choral songs for The Sweet Metal Project in the United Kingdom and created original music for Jazzart's Rain in a Dead Man's Footprints. His recent work was for the Remix Dance company. Neo currently tours with his solo show using vocals, guitar, piano and mesinko, a traditional Ethiopian instrument.

Lunch spot:Cafe du Cap, Church Street,Cape Town