Oupa Bodibe

Born in Tembisa, Oupa's circumstances and those of the people around him propelled him to work towards improving people's lives and conditions. He decided that the avenue to gain such rights and achieve one's goals was in the political arena. By the early 1980s the young political activist became involved in politics and the youth movement. This was a defin- ing time for Oupa and the beginning of an established politi- cal career. He joined Cosatu in 1997 as a research intern in the parliamentary office and subsequently as a deputy head of the office. In 2000 he was redeployed to the Cosatu head office to head the Cosatu secretary. Since 2005 he has been the executive director of the National Labour and Economic Development Institute (Naledi), Cosatu's research arm. He is also appointed to serve on the Banking Panel by the Competi- tion Commissioner.

Lunch spot: Tsunami, Rosebank, Johannesburg