Palesa Mokubung

Four years ago Palesa started out as an entrepreneur from her mum's garage and has never looked back. A talented fashion designer, she has marketed her fashion label and company Mantsho to become one of the most sought-after fashion labels. She now has an established design studio and employees. Palesa supplies her trendy designs to stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bot- swana and 12 Edgars stores nationwide. Future plans are to open a Mantsho boutique in Johannesburg and to expand her label to include additional fashion merchandising. With a passion for all things artistic, Palesa is also a musician and keeps her music alive by singing with eclectic SeSotho band Ntjapedi. It is the perfect confluence of different musical genres and Sankomota influences and undertones that keeps Palesa going and everyone else dancing to her tune.

Lunch spot: The Craft Cafe (next to Omumba Gallery), Windhoek, Namibia