Rapelang Rabana

Rappelang is the current chief executive and co-founder of Yeigo Communications, an innovative telecoms start-up that is looking to become a major player in the Voice over Internet Protocol (Voip) space. Yeigo has a business model similar to international Voip operator Skype. Users can direct their voice calls via the data networks operated by cellphone networks rather than over the existing voice network. When Yeigo launched in 2007 they were among the first companies worldwide to offer Voip services for cellphones. Their Voip offering allows cellphone calls from one subscriber to another that cost as little as a few cents a minute per call. Calls from subscribers to non-subscribers are between 30% and 80% cheaper than current call rates and savings on calls to non-subscribers overseas are up to 4 500% cheaper. Yeigo does not make any money on Yeigo subscribers calling each other but only when they call outside numbers.

Lunch spot: Delectable, Grayston Centre, Johannesburg