Redi Direko

We loved that Redi Direko did something about women's abuse this year. Appalled at the incident where Nwabisa Ngcukana was manhandled by taxi drivers for wearing a mini- skirt, Redi took up the issue on her daily talk-show on 567 Cape Talk and Talk Radio 702 and led a march (in a gorgeous miniskirt) to the Noord Street taxi-rank. She anchors the prime time news programme on e.24 daily and continues her talk show, which is growing in popularity. Redi has worked at the SABC on a range of television programmes. Redi is also a keen newspaper columnist and works as a voice-over artist and a documentary producer. Last year she co-produced a profile-documentary of President Thabo Mbeki for the Unauthorised series. It was promptly canned and finally broadcasted after months of lobbying and prompting. As if this plateful is not enough, Redi is also a marathon runner.

Lunch spot: Allora, Sandown