Righard Kapp

Righard takes on a guitar bringing out sublime mixtures of texture and tone. This guitarist's most exploratory strategies have ranged from understatement on his col- lection of abstract guitar pieces on Trace to monumen- tality on the abrasive foray into feedback noise territory on PUIN with Gareth Dawson. His improvisatory tactics revolve around extending the textural possibilities of the guitar and its related par- aphernalia. Extending his musicianship, Righard finds time to run a cd-r label V#1, which has recently released albums by Ampersand and Ella Joyce Buckely. He also has an online blog and mp3 archive called Intention Deficit and co-curates the On The Edge Of Wrong fes- tival for improvised music featuring artists such as Zim Ngqwana, Mark Fransman and the Norwegian Streifen- junko duo. He's currently recording his first formal studio album, based on acoustic guitar compositions but retaining elements of his more experimental work

Lunch spot: Kauai in Kloof Street, Cape Town