Rudy Dicks

Rudy is a leading policy-maker at Cosatu. With the union federation in the ascendancy, he is going to be a key mover and shaker. Rudy is Cosatu's labour market policy coordinator. In this role, he helps develop the union federation's labour market, economic and trade policy positions. A regular speaker, he presents on Cosatu's behalf at the annual labour law conference and in global forums of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation. Previously, Rudy was head of research at Fair Share, the organisation geared to make economics easy to understand and fair for the poor. His has been a life dedicated to finding policy alternatives better suited to eradicating poverty. Rudy has been a local and national organiser at Cosatu's affiliates in the paper and transport sectors. He enjoys gym, running, reading, snorkelling and fishing, especially for crayfish.

Lunch spot: Doppio Zero