Sayco Nkadimeng

If I were elected mayor: I would improve education systems, build decent schools and houses, improve infrastructure, improve skills, invest in young entrepreneurs and fund youth programmes. Sayco gets involved � he's a strategist, he's focused, he was born to lead and knows how to communicate. He is a politician who holds your attention. As a young leader he was involved in Cosas and the ANC Youth League. He has faced tough times, was orphaned at a young age and has weathered the storm. He is determined to succeed but also to help others along the way. He is study- ing to ensure his future is bright and he has been volunteering at loveLife since 2004 as an mpintshi. Sayco is very spiritual, having graduated from Bible Col- lege last year, and now serves as a youth pastor within the Emmanuel Revival Church in Jane Furse, Limpopo.

Lunch spot: Ballroom dancing with my dance partner in Sekhukhune