Taddy Blecher

Taddy is a Bachelor of Science graduate and is the Liberty Life Gold Medal Top Actuarial Sci- ence Honour's Student. His career includes work for FedLife and the Financial Services Group and project leader for the Monitor company, where he was consultant of the year. He co-founded South Africa's first free tertiary institute, educating the financially disadvan- taged, and received the Humanitarian Award by the Jewish Report in 2002. In 2003 he received the BMF Managerial award, the Alumni Honours Award at Wits and the Paul Harris Fellowship Rotary. Taddy has been awarded twice by the World Economic Forum, first in New York with the Leader of Tomorrow Award and then in 2005 as a Young Global Leader. He is a member of the Fellow Institute of Actuaries London and Fellow Actuarial Society of SA (ASSAf). Teddy is currently chief executive of CIDA City Campus