Tamara Esau

Tamara was admitted as a partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers in July 2005, after spending more than four years progressing through the managerial ranks. As an audit partner at PwC, her core responsibility is to plan and execute audit assignments. This involves ensuring that all audit risks areas are managed to an acceptable level to issue the appropriate audit opinion. One aspect of the audit includes attending audit committee meetings and presenting audit plans. The members of these com- mittees include the chief financial officers and chief executives of the relevant holding companies. Tamara was recently appointed Human Capital Partner of the Assurance Western Cape Practice. She has various responsibilities in terms of recruitment, rec- ognition and retention of talent. As part of this role, she coordinates five other partners in ensuring that the firm's objectives are being met in whatever initiatives are being undertaken. Tamara is a member of the National Transformation Steering Committee and chaired the Century City Employment Equity Committee from July 2005 to July 2007 and the Assurance Transformation Committee for the same period. As a member of ABASA and AWCA, she is involved in various initiatives such as school visits, tutor- ing initiatives at universities and trainee workshops, which are aimed at increasing the number of black chartered accountants in South Africa