Tobie van der Spuy and Harvey Theron

Harvey and Tobie head up Luuk Information and Communication Technology, a research and development company based at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria. Luuk has been operational for more than three years and is at the forefront of new technological developments in South Africa. Luuk's most promising develop- ment so far has been its Push 2 Talk (P2T) product, which allows users to use their cellphone in a similar way to a walkie-talkie. In a normal cellphone call both parties can hear each other at the same time, but with P2T you hold down a button to record a voice message and when you are done it is sent to the receiver using the operator's data network. Because these voice messages are delivered via the data network the cost of commnication is drastically reduced by as much as 5 000% of normal cellphone call rates. Tobie is also involved in other ventures such as TC3 Mobile and media company QKey Holdings.

Lunch spot: O'Galitos, Brooklyn Bridge