Veronica Mseswa

If I were elected mayor: I would improve electricity supplies; youth empowerment; job creation; sports and recreation centres for young people; care for orphans; and work on reducing drug and alcohol abuse.Veronica is positive about life, South Africa and people. She is a true ambassador and wants to pursue a career in public relations with a charitable cause. She was a loveLife groundBREAKER and is still doing her utmost to promote the programme. This is a young woman with talent, passion and a zest for life who is prepared to give the future everything she has. She is on the look out for opportunities to learn, to travel, to work hard and to share her experiences with other young people. She has shown outstanding performance in the Take Back the Future Programme, spearheading environmental issues. She is articulate and speaks her mind, talking with confidence and an enthusiasm that is rare, even when on national radio!

Lunch spot: Writing R&B and pop lyrics with friends