Alex Matthews

Political commentator

Alex Matthews started blogging in 2007. And for the next two years, his blog Afrodissident � political commentary on "Africa and beyond� � was a runner-up in South Africa's annual blog awards for both the best politics blog and the best original writing. Matthews writes about everything from human rights and governance to poverty and corruption, attempting to cover issues ignored by the mainstream media. That's exactly what's landed him and his political opinions on some of the most heavy-hitting political pages in the world, including The Huffington Post and the Foreign Policy Journal. In April, Matthews launched The Soapbox (, an online platform that he hopes will become a place to fight political and cultural apathy and foster tolerance and a culture of intelligent debate among his peers. Since January 2007, Matthews has been head of public relations for Panda Security South Africa and he's finishing his BA in communications management at Vega, the brand communications school. � Jane Steinacker

Lunch spot: Loading Bay, Greenpoint, Cape Town