Alon Skuy

Photographer, The Times

This award-winning photographer does what he does because it allows him to merge aesthetics with people's day-to-day lives and enables him to work in what he calls "the pinnacle climate�. The 28-year old spent three New Year's Eves in a row working in Hillbrow, where he finally snapped the picture that won him a Mondi Shanduka award for News Photograph of the Year in 2008. He also won the Ruth First Fellowship for Photography that year for his "Inside the Bridge� series. What scares him most in his work is the mob mentality he sees, which culminated in the 2008 xenophobic attacks. He ultimately wants to photograph conflict, not a surprise with photographers such as Don McCullin and Joao Silva at the top of his idols list. Skuy's work on last year's xenophobic attacks is on exhibition at the Constitutional Court until the end of July. � Ilham Rawoot

Lunch spot: Bowling Club, Zoo Lake, Johannesburg