Amelia Vukeya-Motsepe

Senior associate, Bowman Gilfillan

Amelia Vukeya-Motsepe's legal passion is health law. Her time spent at the Constitutional Court and with the Aids Law Project taught her that human rights and health go hand in hand. She believes if a person's health can be fixed, then everything around them will be able to improve. She interrupted her articles to be a researcher to Justice Kate O'Regan in the Constitutional Court of South Africa between 2004 and 2005. After completing her LLM at Georgetown she interned at the American Bar Association, their Section of Individual Rights and Lunch spot: Wangthai, Nelson, Mandela Square, Johannesburg Responsibilities project on HIV and Aids. She doesn't see her employment at Bowman Gilfillan as a corporate sell-out, but instead says she'll be able to make a larger impact and extend her influence. Next month, Vukeya-Motsepe will visit the University of Conneticut � she was selected from 700 applicants � to attend the Unesco's 5th annual leadership training programme.� Jane Steinacker.

Lunch spot: Wangthai, Nelson, Mandela Square, Johannesburg