Andy Davis

Editor, Mahala

Back in 2002, Andy Davis was the frustrated Joburg-based editor of Student Life magazine. All he wanted to do was surf. To quench his thirst for waves, he started up the Mahala Surf Company to hook up young children with surf equipment that they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Now that original concept has gone mainstream. In May, Davis launched a music, culture and reality magazine with the hopes that Mahala will become a gathering place for young writers, photographers and all kinds of creative types based on the belief that "all the good stuff in life is free.� The magazine is online now at and Davis hopes to have a free print version out by August "available at cool outlets�. He thinks advertisers will jump on the free band wagon, giving away their goods in the name of good brand advertising. Davis is funding the venture through Jingo, his content creation company that created FNB's new teen magazine and the Levi's Original Music magazine. Davis is also a contributing editor to Zig Zag and writes for the Sunday Times, Marie Claire, GQ and Men's Health. � Tanya Pampalone

Lunch spot: Empire Cafe, Muizenberg, Cape Town