Anthony Pascoe, Steve Porter and Tom Eaton


Who can forget their memorable headlines "Gautrain construction devastating Gauteng Gummi Bear Communities�, "Bitter and disillusioned Liewe Heksie packing for Perth� or "Zille to send army after taxis, then hairstylist and dance instructor�? Anthony Pascoe lived in London for three years, where he worked for a content syndication company and returned to South Africa in 2005 to co-found Sunday Media with Steve Porter, which syndicated global sports news. In January 2008, they partnered with Tom Eaton, a former columnist for the Mail & Guardian, to start "South Africa's second best source of satirical news after the SABC�, which became an instant online hit. With about 20 writers on the website churning out hysterical news coverage every day, the readership of Hayibo has a growth of almost 40% a month and was viewed by 75 000 unique users last month alone. � Eamon Allan

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