Bronwyn Nielsen

Senior anchor, CNBC Africa

You have to be more than just another hot blonde to anchor two of the country's top business shows. Bronwyn Nielsen is the business babe with brains who interviews corporate mavericks every night on CNBC Africa's Closing Bell and Business Tonight. Nielsen worked her way up the broadcast ranks, doing time on Highveld's (94.7 Highveld Stereo) news desk, reading's news bulletins and anchoring for Summit TV before joining the CNBC Africa's news team in June of 2007. But she's not all talk. Nielsen, who also produces investigative shows for the top-ranked Carte Blanche, took home the 2006 Telkom award for ICT Journalist. And, in order to keep her brand going, she says, and to keep her off Verimark ad's punting "big green clean machines�, Nielsen also does media training for corporate executives. But it's the TV adrenaline rush that she loves so much about her night job. "It's like having an exam every night,� she says. "Once your show is going, there is nothing you can do but get through it. And when it's over, you put it bed.� � Tanya Pampalone

Lunch spot: Bellini's Illovo, Johannesburg