David and Mark Perel

Podcast hosts

A few months ago, brothers Marc and David Patel had an epiphany. The web designing bloggers decided they wanted more than mere printed words � they wanted their own TV show. So they launched their very own video podcast From the Couch, which covers everything under the web. Viewers can watch interviews, site reviews and tutorials in a sort of high tech Wayne's World with a totally unscripted format that keeps the show natural and funny. But providing the world with insider tech secrets isn't their altruistic mission. Nope, these savvy twenty-somethings are building their own brand, a larger-thanlife reputation and are getting exposure around their design and programming skills. After finishing school the brothers started working for their programmer dad, so they were on good footing for their future business undertaking � Obox, a web design company they started while still in their teens. Initially, they used their small business cash as a sideline to fund their interests in motorsport and cycling. Now they are so busy, they struggle to find time for anything else. The brothers say they just wanted to be themselves and get their message across with their podcast. Their plan seems to be working. They were nominated for three awards at the recent South African Blog Awards and ended up taking home the award for Best New Blog. Next up: best new Web TV show. And they did all this right from their couch. � Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: Summerville, Camp's Bay, Cape Town