Dominique Pepper

Medical doctor, Infectious Diseases Unit, GF Jooster Hospital

Infectious diseases � and understanding how complex systems interact � is why Dominique Pepper chose medicine. It's also what landed this 28-year-old with firstclass honours from the University of Cape Town at the Infectious Diseases Unit at GF Jooste Hospital in Maneberg. He wants to understand why patients infected with HIV and TB in Khayelitsha are not responding to treatment. He also wants to find out how their lives can be improved by strengthening the broader social systems that directly affect them. Nothing works in isolation, Pepper says. It's all interrealated. Even after eight years of studying, Pepper seems nowhere near done yet. The 10-year plan includes completing an MBA, a master's in public health and a PhD. � Hendri Pelser

Lunch spot: Primi Piatti, Canal Walk; Nova, Cape Town