Donna McCallum

Fairy Godmother

Donna McCallum sold up her shares as the managing director of iKineo, the marketing activation company she founded, to take a yearlong sabbatical in South America. Five months into the trip, she found herself on a night bus in Argentina. And that's when she decided on her destiny: to become South Africa's first Fairy Godmother. McCallum, who was one of the founders of Studentwise Media Services, which started magazines such as SL and Ymag and was on the founding team of a Silicon Valley dot com in the late Ninties, started up Fairy Godmother Inc., which helps individuals and organisations get "clear, inspired and focused on their vision, dreams and goals� and it assists them to make that dream a reality. Since she started up her company a few years ago, McCallum has delivered her 12-week programme to over 1�300 individuals and has done talks in South Africa, England, the United States and Germany. � Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: Gypsy Lounge, Illovo, Johannesburg