Duncan MacFadyen

Research manager, E Oppeheimer & Son

To have a species of insect named after you turns out to be quite an honour. And Duncan MacFadyen deserves it. He's so passionate about jewel beetles that two have taken his name,in recognition of his contribution to research on the insects, which he did while working in scientific services in Kruger Park. MacFadyen has a national diploma, BTech and a master's degree in nature conservation with an MSc in entomology and zoology and is presently busy with a PhD. He recently launched a book, Tuggy's Busy Day, about a dung beetle and human recklessness. The dedicated conservationist has been curator of mamology at the Transvaal Museum of Natural History. He is the manager of research and conservation for E Oppenheimer & Son and sits on the De Beers biodiversity and environmental peer group committees. � Tanya Pampalone

Lunch spot: Wombles, Parktown North, Johannesburg