Dylan Valley

Documentary filmmaker

Being the only coloured kid in his neighbourhood pushed Dylan Valley towards a passion for hip-hop, the music that formed his identity. He combined this music genre with another passion: documentary filmmaking. Now he uses the two to create movies that tell stories about real people. His talents were first noticed when he co-directed his varsity film Lost Prophets, which was screened at the Encounters Film Festival. Later he was invited to direct six episodes of the SABC documentary series Headwrap, which he calls his big break. Valley is working on a documentary about a gang member who becomes a gospel rapper. He has also started work on a theatre and multimedia production on the history of Afrikaans, told through hip-hop. When he's not making movies, Valley is the guitarist in Cape-town based funk/hip-hop/ fusion band, Stereotypes.� Ilham Rawoot

Lunch spot: Ethiopian Kitchen, Cape Town