Emile Jansen

Hip-hop teacher and activist

Emile Jansen is considered by many as a godfather of South African hip-hop, having co-founded one of the country's first hip-hop groups � Black Noise � in 1988. Jansen is an MC, B-boy and graffiti artist. He grew up, and still lives on the Cape Flats, where he is passionate about encouraging people to seek knowledge. "It's an African tradition that those who know, pass information to those who don't,� he says, and he tries to do his part in this cycle by rhyming about issues and solutions. He has created landmark projects such as the African Hip-Hop Indaba and youth development organisation Heal the Hood. Emile authored the 2004 book, My Hip Hop is African and Proud. He is currently touring the country with Black Noise, running hip-hop workshops with schoolchildren, including discussions on identity, a topic very close to his heart. � Ilham Rawoot

Lunch spot: Freshstop, Tokai, Cape Town