George Glynos

Managing director, ETM

George Glynos is finally getting his honors degree in economics from Unisa. Which is really weird because he should actually be teaching the course. Glynos is managing director of ETM, the real-time financial market analysis group that launched five years ago while he was with Econometrix, the economic industry giant. Seems that Glynos, who started out working for Ecometrix's Dr Azar Jammine in 1996 fresh out of university with a BCom in hand, got a bit distracted. He liked his work so much, and was so good at it, that going back to school never made the agenda. He got even busier when he decided to launch ETM; it quickly came to dominate the market, supplying all the top banks and financial institutions with their constant information feed. It's only recently that Glynos has been able to take some time to get his papers in order. And soon he'll have the same qualifications as all the analysts who work under him.� Tanya Pampalone

Lunch spot: Espresso Cafe, Parkhurst, Johannesburg