That's left to do for the band who were nominated for eight South African Musica Awards; voted number one live act in South Africa by; invited to perform for Nelson Mandela and his charity 46664 at Ellis Park; performed alongside Fatboy Slim and have had a residency at Pacha? According to Dominic Peters he and his bandmate, David Poole, are just getting started. Look out for them breaking into the market in the United States on the tails of the KIA hamsters advertising campaign, which features their song Fort Knox. The successful jazz musicians are taking South African electronic music to the next level,using tube samplers, a groove box, keyboards, funky upright bass and saxophones to create a unique Goldfish sound. The Fishies, as they are affectionately known by their fanbase, will spend the year touring extensively: about half their time in South Africa and the other half abroad, including Brazil and Ibiza.�Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: The Food Barn, Noordhoek, Cape Town