Karen Loxton

Personal shopper, Famous Fox

Karen Loxton has every woman's dream job: she's paid to shop. After exploring careers in psychology, IT and photography, Loxton worked as a port shopping guide in Miami from 2004 to 2006. Her job was glamorous; she shopped for rare gem stones, Swiss time pieces and jewellery. When she returned to Johannesburg in 2007, she found that the personal shopping industry was almost non-existent and decided to launch her own company. Loxton took business lessons over coffee and the phone from friends and acquaintances in the fashion industry and soon Famous Fox, her personal shopping agency, was born. She has established herself as a "shopping sensei�, with a huge and diverse range of clients from all races and age groups. She is also interviewed fortnightly by CNBC Africa on all things fashion-related. � Qudsiya Karrim

Lunch spot: Allora, Sandton, Johannesburg