Khwezi Gule


He dreams of becoming an evil genius and taking over the world. So he co-founded Third Eye, a collective of artists hosting art events outside mainstream institutions. That was back in Durban, fresh after getting his BTech fine arts from the Durban University of Technology (DUT). The curator of contemporary collections at the Johannesburg Art Gallery, Gule started out as a trainee curator with the Brett Kebble Art Awards in 2004, after a brief spell of teaching Art Theory at the DUT. Now he writes regularly on art matters for different publications around the world and was recently appointed to co-curate for the City of Johannesburg's 2010 Fifa World Cup exhibition. Gule is also part of a collective of creative intellectuals, the Dead Revolutionaries Club, which produces exhibitions, offers art classes and puts out their own website. � Percy Mabandu

Lunch spot: Lapa Fo, Greenside Website : www.deadrevolutionariesclub.