Kris Hewitt aka Kronk


Imagine a gingerbread man that's partly the happy cookie from the story your mom used to read to you and partly the rabbit from Donny Darko, icing sugar dripping from its eye and mouth and "EAT ME� emblazoned across its back. That's exactly what illustrator turned toymaker Kris Hewitt did when he hand-painted a pair of 20-inch dunny toys for the annual Red Cross Children's Hospital Art Auction. They eventually sold for R55 000, which went straight to building a new wing for the hospital. Hewitt � also known as Kronk �has a day job illustrating and designing with the Ami Collective, the award-winning Cape Town-based creative house that has worked with the world's top brands, including Red Bull, Coke and Microsoft. But it's his freelance work making borderline creepy designer art toys and character- based artwork is what really got the art world talking. The 27-year-old Hewitt has an eclectic design style; his influences are everything from Miro to Banksy, Fifties pin-up girls or the purely psychedelic. � Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: Diaz Tavern, Cape Town