Lebo and Lebogang Phalula

Middle distance runners

It is not easy to conduct an interview with the Phalula twins. They are exact replicas of each other. They look alike, often dress in matching outfits, run the same way, wear the same hairstyle, share the same likes and dislikes and often think the same way. When asked a question they respond in unison, as though they are singing. Although the twins, who run barefoot, missed out on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, they are regarded as the country's top two women middledistance runners. They have been winning most of the country's 800m and 1 500m races since 1999, finishing first and second on many occasions. The fastest of the two is Lebogang. She is ranked first in both the 800m and 1 500m in the country with Lebo ranked second and fourth in the 800m and 1 500m respectively. � Lucky Sindane

Lunch spot: McDonald's, anywhere