Lindela Mjenxane

Environmental educator

Lindela Mjenxane is the founder of the Beyond Expectations Environmental Project, a grassroots undertaking to help township youths connect with the environment. Mjenxane, who left his childhood home near Lady Frere in the Eastern Cape for Phillipi in Cape Town, understands the "disconnectedness� young people growing up in townships can feel. On a two-day mountain trip, Mjenxane points out plants and animals, coaxes learners into speaking about the difficulties they face back home and encourages them to "look beyond the challenges� they face. "Many of them are trapped in an environment dominated by poverty. We afford them an opportunity to reflect on their lives,� he says. When the children return to their communities, they take with them lessons on water and environmental conservation, and are encouraged to start food gardens and environmental clubs. Mjenxane has won a number of awards for his philanthropic and environmental work, including a Premier's Award for Service Excellence. � Faranaaz Parker

Lunch spot: Mugg & Bean, Century City, Cape Town