Lindiwe Matshikiza


Lindiwe Matshikiza is a beauty. Men go weak around her � or at least the two who casually disturb our conversation to talk to her at a Newtown coffee shop certainly do. Even underneath oversized blue perspex sunglasses, there is no denying she is her father's child. "I'm in love with that era's fashion and music,� says the daughter of writer and actor John Matshikiza, who died suddenly late last year. "A lot of exciting things came out of [the Seventies].� In addition to acting, writing and directing, Matshikiza works in educational theatre, performing and facilitating workshops. Her work on the controversial and critically acclaimed Bafana Republic earned her three award nominations and a Best South African Comedy Award.� Karabo Keepile

Lunch spot: Mong Kok, Cyrildene, Johannesburg