Loren Landau

Director, Forced Migration Studies Programme, Wits

Loren Landau is fascinated with movement and assimilation, having been born into a family of Polish immigrants in the United States. Landau came to South Africa in 2002 after working on immigration and refugee issues at institutions such as Human Rights Watch and Refugees International and teaching courses on refugees at Oxford. His literary contribution to the field reads like a bibliography in a thesis, including countless books and journal articles; not to mention the two master's degrees and a PhD in Political Science from Berkeley. But it's his work at Wits that has placed forced migration � and its effects, such as the xenophobic attacks across the country last year � high on the local agenda. But the most fun he's had since he made South Africa his home? The time he challenged Jesse Duarte on a television debate and the wrath that ensued. � Ilham Rawoot

Lunch spot: La Parreirinha, Rosettenville, Johannesburg