Luiz DeBarros

Publisher, Mambaonline

Luiz DeBarros says Mambaonline stemmed from his frustration with the state of gay media in South Africa. So in 2001 he launched his own website to ensure that gay men between18 and 45 could access gay community news, information, entertainment and online dating � all in one local site. Now Mambaonline, and its sister site Mambagirl � launched in 2007 to conquer the local lesbian community � rules the highly coveted niche market with more than 50 000 unique visitors a month and 18 000 members just in the Meet Market database of single profiles. DeBarros, who has worked in film and television and works extensively in the gay community in various capacities, has garnered a Loerie for Mambaonline for design and, more importantly, for grabbing the attention of his target market. � Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: Cnr Cafe, Craighall Park, Johannesburg