Mandla Tshabalala

Manager, Siiyakhana Food Garden

Mandla Tshabalala is truly committed to his work. Tshabalala resides right smack on site at the Siyakhana Food Garden, in Bezuidenhout Park, Bez Valley. Here he is manger, herbalist and resident permaculturist. Siyakhana, a joint project between the Health Promotion Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand and several local NGOs, not only serves as a food garden, supplying nine organisations with fruit and vegetables, it also works to educate communities about organic food production, good health and nutrition practices, environmental management and provides education and work to vulnerable groups such as street children. Tshabalala has been with Siyakhana since 2005 bringing with him his passion and knowledge for local herbs and their therapeutic properties. His work he says "brings change everyday� and "fills the soul�. � Lynley Donnelly

Lunch spot: Siyakhana Food Garden, Bez Valley, Johannesburg