Margot Rubin

Development consultant

Urban environments, especially cities and the hustle and bustle of the multitude of people that occupy the same space, fascinate Margot Rubin. The urban specialist says that it's not just urban development that gets her out of bed in the morning but all aspects of living in a city. Formerly a researcher and coordinator with the Centre for Urban and Built Environment Studies at Wits, Rubin is now studying towards her PhD in urban planning and politics. She wants to look at the role of the legal system in urban governance and how that will effect the distribution of scarce resources and larger questions around democracy. In the meantime, Rubin acts as a development consultant for various government departments and private institutions to ensure that the engine of her banged-up Nissan Sentra keeps ticking below its rusting bonnet. � Hendri Pelser

Lunch spot: Doppio Zero, Greenside, Johannesburg