Pria Chetty

Founder, Chetty Law

What do you get when you cross a lawyer and an activist? Pria Chetty has been pioneering the field of technology and innovation law. She helps non-profit organisations, government and companies create new legal frameworks that encourage more open and collaborative approaches to business and content. At the sprightly age of 30 she has gained the respect of her peers with an understanding of how the law can be used to enable access to knowledge, education and technology. She is part of numerous research projects to review copyright and intellectual property in Africa, and her firm, Chetty Law, practices law in an innovative, progressive way. In the near future Chetty and Dirk Visser will host "Our Generation Will Deliver,� which is a gathering of leaders in business, government and civil society with the intention of brainstorming South Africa's leadership challenges. The product of the unlikely pairing of lawyer and activist, Chetty is a dynamic package. � Eamon Allan

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