Redi Direko

Talk show host, Talk Radio 702/ 567 Cape Talk

Who doesn't love Redi Direko? As one of the country's top talk show hosts and a popular news anchor, Direko hascharmed her way into our hearts with her feisty brand of journalism and her generous smile and makes us think while she's at it. Direko, who grew up in Soweto and got hooked on journalism when she was a child, has interviewed everyone from Desmond Tutu to Julius Malema with a kind of measured grace that won't let anybody off the hook. That she was the recipient of Vodacom's Rising Star Award last year was no surprise. The 31-year-old host of the Redi Direko show, which is broadcast on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk, is also one of the main anchors for eNews and was the producer of a controversial documentary on former president Thabo Mbeki. Direko studied journalism and communications at the then Rand Afrikaans University and holds honours degrees in literature as well as in social sciences. � Tanya Pampalone

Lunch spot: Wang Thai, Sandton Square, Johannesburg