Rob Stoke

Chief executive, Quirk eMarketing

Tired of being a pizza delivery guy and a waiter, Rob Stoke wanted to make some extra cash to fund his wild student ways. Ten years down the line, the business he created to earn extra money, Quirk eMarketing, is a complete online marketing consultancy that offers everything from e-mail and viral marketing to search engine optimisation. In those early years Stoke would probably have made more money waiting tables and delivering pizza, but now is reaping the benefits of his years of hard slog. Stoke's business started small and with its focus on simply "doing a good job�, which he believes is a trait often overlooked by businesses such as Telkom. He started with servicing small tourism businesses, and soon he was ready to approach SA Tourism, an account he won. Now his professional portfolio includes BMW, FNB, Sun International and none other than the search engine market leader, Google. � Jane Steinacker

Lunch spot: Beluga, Cape Town