Rosemary Noge

Environmental consultant

Rosemary Noge quickly moved up the ranks at Goldfields to head up the group's strategy formulation for sustainable development.But there was one aspiration this dream job could not fulfil: to own a business. At 11, she remembers telling her serialentrepreneur grandmother that she wanted her own flower shop one day. She went on to study international relations in the United States before joining one of the biggest gold producers in the world. But it was last year that her dream became a reality and Bloom was born in Rosebank. The lifestyle boutique and flower shop is distinct in its approach and all the goods and flowers on sale are locally sourced from socially responsible initiatives. Noge continues to consult on environmental issues but says that her dream shop now allows her to spend more time with her young family while she decides on the next challenge. � Hendri Pelser

Lunch spot: Cilantro, Parkhurst, Asara, Stellenbosch