Rudolph Muller

Founder, MyBroadband

Rudolph Muller has always had an interest in all things related to the internet, but it was not until the advent of broadband in South Africa that he decided to make a career of it. In 2003, he changed careers from mathematics and physics education to information technology. That was when he started MyADSL, now known as MyBroadband, with the aim of bringing broadband users together, allowing them to air their views. After a two-year stint as an IT lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, Muller moved to run MyBroadband full time. MyBroadband has become the largest IT website in South Africa and hosts an annual conference attracting delegates from around the country. But he is pleased that companies are now actively engaging with consumers on MyBroadband out of choice. � Lloyd Gedye

Lunch spot: The Butcher Shop, Sandton, Johannesburg