Simangele Mabena

Gauteng regional representative, Community of Mandela Rhodes Scholars

It was her work in Vancouver, Canada in 2006 as a special needs youth worker that Simangele Mabena began using the arts as a way to teach disabled youth. On her return to South Africa the following year, she began volunteering with the deaf youth in Soweto using drama processes to help learners better understand English literature. Mabena, who completed her honours in dramatic arts at the University of the Witwatersrand University in 2005, received the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship last year and has gone on to study towards her master's in dramatic arts. She serves as the Gauteng regional representative of the Community of Mandela Rhodes Scholars, an organisation made up of present and past recipients of the prestigious scholarship. � Jane Steinacker

Lunch spot: Mugg & Bean, Killarney, Johannesburg.