Sticky Antlers


The Sticky Antlers are Pretoria's best- kept secret. They formed when bassist Martinique Pelser and guitarist Andreas Schonfeldt lured guitarist Damon Civin and drummer Jaco Amino into forming an improvisational band a few years back. Influenced by the DIY process, outsider art, films and subversive comics such as Bitterkomix and a wide range of musical influences such as The Fall, Sonic Youth and The Boredoms, the Antlers recorded a slew of Sticky CD-Rs and have now completed their debut multi-track album, which is set to become a South African cult classic. Distributed by local music legend Paul Riekert's One F music label, 2009 is shaping up to be the breakthrough year. Check out their independent label KRNGY, which releases a whole host of independent CD-Rs from Pretoria. � Lloyd Gedye

Lunch spot: Oni's Pizza, Deerness, Pretoria