Vikash Sewram

Director, Medical Research Council

Vikash Sewram wants to find a cure for cancer. And though he understands quite clearly that this might never happen, that won't deter him. You just need to dream big, he says. The thing is, he might just do it. Sewram has done more than most people accomplish in several lifetimes. He has two doctoral and two master's degrees under his belt. When he was 29, he developed a non-invasive way to detect cancerous agents using people's hair. Now, he's the youngest director at the Medical Research Council, heading up the MRC's Oncology Research Unit. Science, to the Hindu spiritualist and philosopher, is about delving in the unknown, he says. It's about truth, changing the way people think and improving people's lives. Lucky for all of us, that's right smack in the realm where Sewram dwells. � Hendri Pelser

Lunch spot: Jewel of India, Durban