Vincent Hoffman

Digital research analyst, Submarine

Vincent Hoffman has a halfcompleted master's degree in sociology from the University of KwaZulu-Natal sitting on his desk and a year of full-time drinking and part-time studying in Grahamstown behind him. But it's his obsession with the development of local music that has led to his success. His genre: heavy metal. As a researcher at a qualitative research company, Submarine, Hoffman has made his mark by creating online research communities. For Submarine's biggest client, cellphone giant MTN, Hoffman has been a running online research groups focusing on his true love. The results have been overwhelming. Hoffmans' communities have given MTN a direct link to its consumers who are responding with suggestions on how MTN can credibly work with local musicians. A self-described �ber-nerd, it's not unusual to have Hoffman at his desk at 7am on a Monday morning at his offices in the old banking district in Joburg's CBD.� Jane Steinacker

Lunch spot: Sugo, Parktown North, Johannesburg