Vishal Koovejee

Director, Cliffe Decker Hofmeyr

Vishal Koovejee can be described as something of a Renaissance man. Either that, or doing just one thing bores him. At 28, he made parter at Deneys Reitz, where he developed expertise on the narrow and lucrative field of competition law. This knowledge helped him launch Salsa, an outbound tour operator that focuses on supplying global land arrangements, in October 2006. Currently Koovejee is a director at Cliffe Decker Hofmeyr in the firm's competition practice, using his extensive experience in all areas of competition law, in particular merger regulation. Koovejee once had opportunities for another career as well. He played keyboard for the Silhouettes, the band that played for the ANC's electoral campaign. He still dabbles, and is working on an album with a prominent South African producer. � Eamon Allan

Lunch spot: Trumps, Sandton, Johannesburg