Vusi Gumede

Policy analyst

Vusi Gumede has an impressive list of honours. He's featured in the American Biographical Institute's Great Minds of the 21st Century and recognisedby the Institute for African Development at Cornell University as a distinguished Africanist scholar. But his most recent honour came earlier this year when Yale University made him a Yale World Fellow. Not bad for a government worker. But then, Gumede, who has worked as an advisor, economist and analyst, is no small player. With a PhD in economics, he is the chief policy analyst for the presidency's policy coordination and advisory services. Before that, he was with the ministry of trade and industry and the National Institute of Economic Policy. Gumede also lectures at the Graduate School of Public and Development Management at Wits University and writes for international and local journals, drafts working papers and policy briefs and has a popular blog on the Mail & Guardian's Thought Leader website. � Jane Steinacker

Lunch spot: Greenfields, Pretoria